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  • Brand: Muscle Garage
  • Flavour Chocolate
  • Item Form Powder
  • Diet Type Vegetarian
  • Product Benefits Muscle Growth
  • Age Range  Adult
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Grow your muscle with Muscle Garage DNA Anabolic Mass Gainer! Fuel your body with the ultimate blend of protein and high-quality complex carbohydrates to accelerate muscle growth, boost energy levels, and optimize recovery.
Muscle Garage DNA Anabolic Mass Gainer is meticulously crafted to deliver the perfect balance of high-quality calories, making it an ideal choice for lean muscle growth, endurance, and high-impact activities.
Experience the power of our formula, specifically designed to fuel your fitness journey and unleash your potential for unprecedented muscle growth and performance.
Each generous 100-gram serving of DNA Anabolic Mass Gainer offers an impressive nutritional profile:

  • 494g Calories: Power-packed calories that provide the fuel your body needs to support intense workouts and achieve muscle growth goals.
  • 60g Carbs: A carefully formulated blend of quality complex carbohydrates, including Maltodextrin and Dextrose Monohydrate, to rapidly replenish glycogen stores and enhance ATP production for sustained muscle energy.
  • 21g Protein: Our protein blend naturally rich in essential BCAAs ensures effective muscle tissue protection and promotes optimal protein synthesis, crucial for muscle tissue growth.
  • 6g BCAA: Branched-chain amino acids play a vital role in reducing muscle breakdown while enhancing recovery, allowing you to bounce back stronger and maximize gains.

Fuel your ambition. Elevate your results. Choose Muscle Garage DNA Anabolic Mass Gainer for the ultimate muscle-building advantage!

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Choco Caramel, Chocolate, Coffee


2.7KG(6LBS), 4.5KG(10LBS)

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  1. weinvictus63

    my favourite muscle mass gainer
    please add more flavour option only two are available on your site

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