MASS-TECH is the massively popular mass gainer that has been helping hardgainers pack on mass for over a decade! MASS-TECH has more protein, better calories and bigger results than other mass gainers! Start seeing the results from all your hard work in the gym – MASS-TECH delivers the protein, carbs, and creatine you need to bulk up, pack on muscle, jack up your strength and finally make the kind of mass gains you’ve never experienced before!

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  • THE ULTIMATE 100% WHEY PROTEIN+ MASS GAINER: With a unique formula with 60g protein over 132g of carbs and 820 mass-producing calories, plus 6.2g of L-leucine 3g of creatine, and 60 vitamins and minerals, makes Mass Tech Extreme 2000 perfect for your extreme gain goals.
  • Added Power of Creatine Monohydrate: This contains a 3g dose of creatine to help you increase strength and regenerate ATP stores that are reduced during resistance training.
  • More Muscle Mass: With each serving, you get 13g of BCAAs including 6.2g of muscle building L-leucine. L-leucine helps in amplified protein synthesis which gives you gains and shapes like no other.
  • Ultra-pure Proteins: Mass Tech contains proteins that go through a multi-phase filtration process to give you pure protein isolate for maximum gains without the fat, lactose, sugars, and minerals.

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